Monday, March 12, 2012

♥ Blue- Big Bang piano sheet

                  Hey guys ! Here having a short update again ! ^^ Currently busy downloading my new video to Youtube. Been waiting about 5 hours already , wahlao . #likealousai.

                 Anyway , I'm playing Blue - Big Bang in piano version . Hope you all like it >< Although I know it's not so good . Learnt this piece within 2 days . Ahaha  , kinda delighted that I could finish this song quite fast .Okay , I'm going to upload the pieces here so that you all can print it out :)

Blue-Big Bang piano sheet

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  1. Hi~ im kinda confuse about how to play the song because there's 2 part for the treble clef ^^"
    and also the first page has a little prob so i can print it out, could you reupload it please

    1. Hi , please email me your problems and i'll try help solving it , thanks!:)

      regards,Mabel aka Belle.