Sunday, February 8, 2015

Lookbook #1

Hello again! Let's start off with my first lookbook of the year, shall we?

Well, I've been longing to have a mini photoshoot in Straits Quay (one of the malls that's located in Penang) as the white-based buildings and beautiful yachts had really caught my attention.

And as usual, thanks to one of my fav girls in town, Denz (click her name to check out her blog) who has always been helping me out with most of the shootings. She knows it all and she knows it best!

On top of that, I'll be explaining my ootd details and some fashion tips as well. 
Just keep scrolling down for more!


So here are some details of my outfit of the day:

Cardigan - H&M 
Romper - online boutique 
Hat - online boutique
Necklace - H&M

Fashion tip of the day: 

C a r d i g a n! Match it with a basic tee and a pair of your fav shorts! 
The tip is that it'll always make your legs look longer and slimmer and as well to get yourself a more classy look!

I guess that's all for today and do stay tune for my next post. Have a great week ahead!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

N S H R Y - M e l b o u rn e

Nshry on Urbanspoon

#foodpost #brunchpost #melbournebrunch

Hello again! ......Let's go straight to the main point shall we? 

Hmm so a few weeks back while I'm still in Melbourne, my friends and I thought of giving NSHRY (pronounced as 'noshery') a try since that a lot of our friends have been posting good reviews about this place! Furthermore, it's to celebrate that we've finally completed our Year 1 in university! Hooray-yay-yay!

And just so you know, this post is gonna be about food, food, and more food!

'Don't mess with mama! I ain't no size 2!'

The wait was approximately 15 minutes to get everything on the table to be served. However, it's not time to take big, great, juicy bites yet!

One thing for sure is that those who spend time eating out with us will understand there's no such thing as 'let's now eat!' or 'let's start!' even when the food is already served. Without a doubt, all of us will be using our phones - instagram of course. Oh my, people nowadays.... (including me I must say). 

Ok, no more bullshiting and let's start introducing these mouth-watering brunch meals! 

#1 The Pork Belly Burger. 

-The Pork Belly Burger-

I am the one who ordered this and I really, really love it! (Disclaimer: I'm truly sorry if any of you guys who are reading this are restricted to look/eat pork due to your religions, you may skip this part.)

It also comes with a side dish of coleslaw with big chunky fries. To those pork lovers out there, this is a must-ordered dish! Highly recommended. 

Personal Ratings: 8.8/10

#2 The Soft Shell Crab Burger. 

 -The Soft Shell Crab Burger-

It also comes with fries with a side dish of Japanese Seaweed Salad.

Well, I've tried soft shell crab burgers from Hammer & Tong and Top Paddock (will blog about these two brunch places in the future) and I think this one from NSHRY fits perfectly in between. I would still prefer Top Paddock's soft shell mud crab burger - because their soft shell crab has more meat in it. B i a s. Hahahaha!

Overall, this taste good too!

Personal Ratings: 8.2/10

#3 The Umami Burger. 

-The Umami Burger- 

The patty is beef-based,medium rare, also topped with brown mushroom sauce, caramelised onions, tomato slices and tomato sauce. It also comes with fries, onion kinda coleslaw thingy, and a few little hairy looking pickled (it's cornichons and it's really really good!).  

Although this seems to be the most popular dish but it didn't turn out as what we've been expecting. 

Personal Ratings: 6.5/10 (this is rather low cause the beef patty was quite disappointing.)

#4 The Pork and Prawn Burger. 

This pork and prawn burger comes with fries (as usual) and also a side dish of coleslaw. 
It was on the special menu that day. 

If any of you prefer something that's not too oily/fattening, then this pork and prawn burger will definitely be a wise choice.

Personal Ratings: 7.8/10

#5 Fish and Chips. 

- Fish and Chips -

Last but not least, the fish and chips! 
Golden crispy tempura battered flake that comes with mixed salad with sesame seeds, japanese seaweed salad and also tartar sauce with some sprinkles of chilli flakes to add a little flavour into it. Oh and not to forget, there's also a piece of lemon provided! 

Personal Ratings: 7.6/10 

And then, a group photo of our burgers...and uhm, fish. Haha! Love how our meals look so vibrant! Makes one hungry even just by looking at it. 

Just a photo of me by the sea side.

Address: 129A Beaconsfield Parade, Albert Park VIC 3206, Australia (OR take tram 1 that's heading towards South Melbourne Beach and get off at the last stop.)

Phone: +61 3 9682 1077
Hours: 8:00 am - 3:00pm // Tuesdays-Sundays

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A fresh start

A fresh start to revive my blog, and trying to be a passionate blogger again.

Well, I've been practically living in Melbourne for two years and counting.
And I have this thing for food that had made me falling in love with those brunch places in Melbourne! Thanks to my food partners in crime who have always been bringing me around, exploring different food places in Melbourne ofcourse ;) I've been influenced by them to love food as much as they do!

I'm blessed!

Have been 'brunch-hopping' in Melbourne but then, it's just me, not having the enthusiasm to blog about it like how I did in the past years. But starting from now on, I'll try my best! ;)

Stay tune for more!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Mart 130 Cafe - Melbourne ♡

Hello Tuesday !

Decided to blog about one of my favourite brunch place / cafes in Melbourne - Mart 130 Cafe


This is how the outside of the Cafe looks like. If you did notice, the 'R' in the word 'MART' has been reversely written. WHY? I will tell you later on :)

The signboard beside the entrance.
As you can see Mart 130 Cafe is open 7 days a week from 7:30am till 3:00pm.

This is how the dining place looks like. The sky was kinda gloomy when I took this picture the other day.


The surroundings in the cafe, and the 'specials menu' will be frequently changed. You can't get these in the normal menus though!

                      Mocha w/ coffee art.

                 Mart 130 Ice Chocolate with ice cream on top.

Brunch #1 : Poached eggs with mushrooms and truffled polenta.  And a side dish of salmon was added on.

Ratings : 4/5

Brunch #2 : Chorizo and poached eggs.

I remembered one of my friend ordered this and I personally didn't really like the taste of it.

Ratings : 2/5

Brunch #3 : Poached eggs and bacon with Hollandaise sauce.

I forgot who ordered this hahaha! Cause I went there for several times and I couldn't remember who ate this! #lol

Ratings : 3/5

Brunch #4 : Corn fritters with grilled bacon, tomato relish, sour cream and coriander.

I call this the ULTIMATE CORN FRITTERS. The reason why I kept going back to this brunch place is because I fell in love with their corn fritters! Normally I would add salmon and a poach egg as my extra side dish. *So now you see why I've gained so much weight!!!*

Ratings : 5/5 !!!

Just a random picture I took a few months back when I was with a friend. As you can see, my corn fritters !!! With the added salmon and poached eggs.

Okay, that's all for now. I could only find a few pictures of those dishes cause I kept ordering the same thing whenever I visit them. Hahaha! #addictedtocornfritters.

So Melbournians, HOW TO GET THERE?

## I lived in the city so the only way I knew is to take the 96 Tram from Bourke Street. It's located just in front of the Vodafone outlet. Also, please confirm that the 96 tram you're taking is going towards St. Kilda Beach. Ask the tram driver to verify that the tram will be stopping at Middle Park, after passing by Albert Park.

The journey will takes about 15-20 minutes to get you to the destination. Make sure you get off at Tram Stop 130, Middle Park.

And this explains why the cafe is called MART with the reversed 'R'. If you read it backwards, it will spell the word 'Tram'. I find it quite interesting! Okay, tata for now and do visit them if you have the chance!!

This is their main address : 107 Canterbury Rd, Middle Park VIC 3206, Australia

my instagram : pandabelle0717

Dayre : mabellee0717

Thursday, June 7, 2012

✿ Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe @ Taipei ✿

                Helloooooooo guys ! Finally I'm back with my blog and as usual I'm still blogging in the night . Why my inspirations always come at night huh? *ehem...*

                As shown in this blog title , I'm going to blog about my trip to Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe in Taipei recently this summer holiday . I saw many bloggers like vickybobo and as well as Chuckei introduce this cafe and blogged about it. So, I'm really looking forward when my mum told me we're heading to Taipei during the holidays ! Hoorayyy !

                        Actually we get to know that Jay Chou's first Italian restaurant and this Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe are located in the same district. So we walked from Jay Chou's Italian restaurant to this HK Sweets Cafe . I think we crossed like about 4 or 5 streets , really headache.

                     Finally ! After turning here and there , we reached our destination —— Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe ! All of those dizzy turnings really paid off ! ;)

                              Pink Pink Pink !! I'm definately a pink lover ! Pink + Hello Kitty= Awesomeness !

                              Welcome to Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe ! ;)

                                      Familiar with these cakes? I saw them before on Facebook via page that people shared things ! These cute cakes are just amazing ! And it's not quite pricey if you compare to those normal ones ;)

                      Those mouth-watering , delicious looking desserts and cakes really makes me hungry >< But too bad I did not try them . So travellers out there ,make sure you try those and tell me about them ! Anyway , it's not very pricey ! ;)

                                  Fell in love with the cute Hello Kitty atmosphere. Just lovely for girlfriends and couple to have teatime ! ;)

                    After waiting for the queue , the waiter leaded us to our seats .

                    For readers who are going to visit there soon , you should know the rules fixed there :

1. They only limit each table to dine in for 1 hour and 30 minutes.
2. Each person have to spend at least of a budget of NT300 ( means RM30 per person )
3. They do allow photographies.
4. Make appointment if possible !


                                 I've got fatter in this trip ! ;(
                                Anyway , this is the desserts set menu , in chinese wordings. It's a bit troublesome for those who don't know chinese wordings .

                         Can I bring home those Kitty cushions? (><)

                            Lovely Taiwanese cafe workers preparing my dessert !

                     Drinks and desserts are served ! Nice little cute mango pudding ! Just can't resist the cute-ness of  Hello Kitty ! * starting to be one of the Hello Kitty fans (><)

                                And finally our lovely desserts are on the table too ! ;) Looks delicious right ?!

                            Bon Apetite ! It's munching time. Yum yums !!!

                                     Finished my dessert , and still the green tea flavoured cute kitty powder is still there !

                    It's time to say goodbye ! Everything we ate cost NT979 ,means RM97.9 in Malaysian Ringgit,almost RM100. Wow

                                 Now , you guys probably want the address to this cafe right ? Craving to go there? Then HERE'S THE DETAILS !

Address ( in English ) : No.90 Da An Road Sec.1 ( near intersection of Da An Road and Zhong                                               Xiao  E.Road ,Sec.4 ) Zhong Xiao / Fu Xing MRT