Thursday, June 7, 2012

✿ Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe @ Taipei ✿

                Helloooooooo guys ! Finally I'm back with my blog and as usual I'm still blogging in the night . Why my inspirations always come at night huh? *ehem...*

                As shown in this blog title , I'm going to blog about my trip to Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe in Taipei recently this summer holiday . I saw many bloggers like vickybobo and as well as Chuckei introduce this cafe and blogged about it. So, I'm really looking forward when my mum told me we're heading to Taipei during the holidays ! Hoorayyy !

                        Actually we get to know that Jay Chou's first Italian restaurant and this Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe are located in the same district. So we walked from Jay Chou's Italian restaurant to this HK Sweets Cafe . I think we crossed like about 4 or 5 streets , really headache.

                     Finally ! After turning here and there , we reached our destination —— Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe ! All of those dizzy turnings really paid off ! ;)

                              Pink Pink Pink !! I'm definately a pink lover ! Pink + Hello Kitty= Awesomeness !

                              Welcome to Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe ! ;)

                                      Familiar with these cakes? I saw them before on Facebook via page that people shared things ! These cute cakes are just amazing ! And it's not quite pricey if you compare to those normal ones ;)

                      Those mouth-watering , delicious looking desserts and cakes really makes me hungry >< But too bad I did not try them . So travellers out there ,make sure you try those and tell me about them ! Anyway , it's not very pricey ! ;)

                                  Fell in love with the cute Hello Kitty atmosphere. Just lovely for girlfriends and couple to have teatime ! ;)

                    After waiting for the queue , the waiter leaded us to our seats .

                    For readers who are going to visit there soon , you should know the rules fixed there :

1. They only limit each table to dine in for 1 hour and 30 minutes.
2. Each person have to spend at least of a budget of NT300 ( means RM30 per person )
3. They do allow photographies.
4. Make appointment if possible !


                                 I've got fatter in this trip ! ;(
                                Anyway , this is the desserts set menu , in chinese wordings. It's a bit troublesome for those who don't know chinese wordings .

                         Can I bring home those Kitty cushions? (><)

                            Lovely Taiwanese cafe workers preparing my dessert !

                     Drinks and desserts are served ! Nice little cute mango pudding ! Just can't resist the cute-ness of  Hello Kitty ! * starting to be one of the Hello Kitty fans (><)

                                And finally our lovely desserts are on the table too ! ;) Looks delicious right ?!

                            Bon Apetite ! It's munching time. Yum yums !!!

                                     Finished my dessert , and still the green tea flavoured cute kitty powder is still there !

                    It's time to say goodbye ! Everything we ate cost NT979 ,means RM97.9 in Malaysian Ringgit,almost RM100. Wow

                                 Now , you guys probably want the address to this cafe right ? Craving to go there? Then HERE'S THE DETAILS !

Address ( in English ) : No.90 Da An Road Sec.1 ( near intersection of Da An Road and Zhong                                               Xiao  E.Road ,Sec.4 ) Zhong Xiao / Fu Xing MRT